7 Natural Treatments To Remove The Face Spots

7 Natural Treatments To Remove The Face Spots

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The face spots is a skin condition that usually affects the female population. It is caused by a high production of melanin , a hormone that is responsible for providing color to our skin and its increase produces spots on the face . This may be due to sun exposure, pregnancy, birth control pills, stress, congenital problems and malaise by the thyroid gland. To remove the cloth on your face we will provide you with the following natural recipes.

Carrot and egg mask for face spots

You will need to peel and cut a carrot into small pieces, then you liquefy it with two eggs for a few minutes, at least until both of them merge and become a somewhat thick and homogeneous cream. Prepared the remedy, you will wash your face with plenty of warm water so that the pores open , dry it with a towel and proceed to apply the mask making slight massages . You let the remedy act on your face for half an hour and then remove it with cold water.

Honey and lemon milk cream
Create a paste by mixing the juice of a lemon, 2 tablespoons of milk powder and 4 tablespoons of honey . When you see that you have obtained a consistent substance, you spread the homemade cream very carefully on your face, leaving it to rest there for 20 minutes and then wash your face with plenty of cold water.

Remedy with grapes
Wash and cut 10 grapes and discard the seeds, then place them in your blender, add half a cup of water and let them mix. You will spread the cream on your face every night , letting go 25 minutes and then remove it with neutral soap and fresh water.

Treatment with hydrogen peroxide
This method should be applied every night and there is no need to rinse. You just have to dip a piece of cotton in a little bit of hydrogen peroxide, rub it all over your face and go to bed .

Eggplant mask
You have to take the eggplant and remove the skin to cook it in a liter of water . Once the vegetable is soft, crush it very well, so that it takes the shape and consistency of a mask , you apply it with circular movements on your face for half an hour. Follow these steps every night for 3 weeks and the spots will disappear.

Lemon and parsley smoothie
Blend a handful of parsley with the juice of a lemon , the result of that mixture you will put on your skin very gently, wait for it to dry to remove it and do it again every day without fail for about 1 month.

Banana cream
You have two options, rub the banana peel all over your face or prepare a puree with that fruit and apply it to the face as a mask. You have to rest with the remedy for 20 minutes before washing your face again.

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