Learn How To Naturally Straighten Your Hair Using Coconut Oil

Learn How To Naturally Straighten Your Hair Using Coconut Oil

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The constant use of aesthetic products not only causes the strands to fall, but they break, dry out and lose their strength, of course, they manage to achieve the desired straightening , but they cause very bad consequences in our hair. If you want to achieve a perfect straightening and natural way, do not hesitate to continue reading this post, because we bring you the ideal recipe you were waiting for.

Naturally straighten your hair has became a trend for a long time, especially for those women who have wavy or frizzy hair and can not control it, or simply want to keep it straight . The problem is when they begin to apply chemical treatments that, far from helping to maintain healthy hair, destroy them little by little. It is much more advisable to straighten the hair naturally with different ingredients, including coconut oil, which contains excellent capillary properties to keep the hair nourished .

Naturally straighten your hair with coconut oil

As ingredients you should have at hand a cup with coconut oil, three tablespoons of cornstarch, the pulp of a lemon and two tablespoons of olive oil.

All these components should be mixed in a medium sized container and beat until you get a homogeneous cream, without lumps and totally uniform.

Once the natural remedy is ready, you must apply it separately, strand by strand from the tip to the root . While you are smearing the cream, you should go smoothing your hair with a thin comb. When all your hair contains the medicine, proceed to put on an airtight or normal cap so that the hair rests for 2 hours. After the time has passed, remove the mixture and wash your hair as usual.

Properties and benefits of coconut oil
This oil serves essentially to moisturize hair , prevents dryness because its proteins and nutrients penetrate each strand easily, in addition it keeps it silky and smooth. Using coconut oil in either shampoo or conditioner benefits the scalp as it eliminates dandruff , and as a super beneficial extra, achieves a refreshing effect capable of keeping the head at room temperature, especially for those suffering from hot skulls. Sun exposure or stress .

Healing characteristics of olive oil
Its use is perfect to treat split and broken ends and give shine to our hair, because having high levels of antioxidants is ideal for regenerating the strands damaged by chemicals, making your hair grow strong. It considerably reduces frizz , and stimulates the scalp so that the strands grow healthy, strong, nourished and fine.

Benefits of cornstarch
The cornstarch is ideal in hair treatments because it hydrates the hair and reduces its sponginess, making it more controllable and healthy. It also serves as a waterproof for different climates as it protects the hair from sun exposure, damage caused by rain and moisture.

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