Home Slimming Laxatives – Natural And Very Effective

Home Slimming Laxatives – Natural And Very Effective

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Depending on the characteristics of our body or the lifestyle we lead, it is possible that our metabolism slows down, causing us to accumulate toxins, gaining weight and having difficulties to go to the bathroom. Maintaining a balanced diet is vital, in the same way, it is very important to exercise regularly, however, if for some time you have neglected, you can always have at your disposal different home remedies to help purify your body by getting rid of toxins.

There are many people who suffer from constipation, a condition that, in addition to abdominal pain, swelling and bad digestion, can become a problem when it comes to wanting to lose weight and hinders our body’s ability to eliminate the toxins that enter. We will explain what are the best homemade laxatives to lose weight , a series of natural products with which you can stimulate your metabolism from home with the aim of losing a few pounds.

Plum passes as homemade purgative laxative

Prune is one of the best foods we have at our disposal when losing weight. The great benefits of this product are based on that its calorie content is minimal , on the other hand, fiber is very high. Consequently, it helps to get rid of toxins without giving us fat.

To all this we must add its richness in natural sugars, vitamins K and A, minerals such as potassium or iron and proteins that make it an effective way to lose kilos. Finally, we must bear in mind that it is a powerful natural laxative , so we should not exceed its intake. A handful of these fruits during breakfast can already serve us.

Aloe vera, excellent laxative for constipation

If we were to talk about the benefits of aloe vera we would not have enough time to list them all. Although basically it has become popular as a cosmetic element for skin care, the truth is that this plant is a natural eliminator of toxins and a scrubber without equal. Its components include aloin, a compound that helps reduce fat and accelerates the process of metabolism of it.

The way to consume it is in the form of juice. We must extract the pulp of an aloe vera leaf and mix it with lemon juice and a generous spoonful of honey. Once cast to eliminate the waste, you can take it daily fasting , one hour before taking any other food.

Bighead onion, an urgent home laxative

The properties of the big onion are innumerable, in fact, it is about more versatile products when talking about natural foods and home remedies. On the one hand it is very rich in fiber , which helps treat constipation naturally . On the other hand, its diuretic capacity stimulates the functions of the kidney, causing this organ to actively eliminate toxins and liquid retained in the body. Finally, without going into its antiseptic power, it is a product that accelerates the mobility of the intestines and has an enormous antioxidant power.

That it is composed of a wide variety of vitamins such as A, B, C and E, as well as minerals such as phosphorus, magnesium or copper, only add up to add this homemade laxative to your diet to lose weight.

Other homemade laxatives to lose weight
The amount of food you can add to your balanced diet to treat constipation and lose weight is almost unlimited. Here we explain some of the products that can become great allies to achieve that goal:

Plantain seeds
Like the great majority of seeds, plantain seeds are very rich in fiber, which makes them excellent homemade laxatives to prevent constipation. When we ingest them and enter our digestive system, in contact with our intestine and its liquids, plantain seeds swell and stimulate persist√°lticos movements. Definitely, if you want to reduce the intestinal swelling caused by constipation you should add these seeds to your diet.

Flaxseed and flaxseed smoothie
This shake is another of the foods that can help you improve intestinal mobility, stimulating the evacuation of feces and toxins that accumulate in our body. To prepare it, simply mix two tablespoons of flax seed with water and spinach leaves. Once beaten you are ready to be drunk every morning on an empty stomach.

Despite what the myths say, losing weight is not incompatible with eating tasty products. The peach is one of the best examples for this, because this fruit with a very high fiber composition is capable of eliminating abdominal distension and swelling the belly while stimulating evacuation and helps lose weight.

Dragon fruit
Dragon fruit is a product that may be exotic for many people, but everything that has exotic has it effective against constipation and against the battle against the balance.


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