Mix Oats and Lemon and Drop To Eight Pounds In Five Days, Without Contraindications

Mix Oats and Lemon and Drop To Eight Pounds In Five Days, Without Contraindications

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Mix oats and lemon and you will see the results. Many specialists suggest us to consume certain drinks that can be of great help to lose weight. These are very simple drinks to prepare or to buy in the supermarket or in a specialized place.

That is why below we suggest some very effective drinks to combat overweight. Remember that it is very important that you consume these drinks as part of a serious eating plan, so do not expect them to cause you to lose weight.

It does not matter if you are diabetic or hypertensive, you can lose 8 pounds this week, thanks to this simple and easy to prepare drink. We recommend it on a personal basis, since we have seen the concrete result in several people nearby. We think it would not be generous not to share it.


-2 tablespoons of whole oat bran. (The oat bran is the one that does not come in powder, you get it in the supermarket, you do not need to buy it in special stores).

-2 yellow or green lemons, unpeeled.

-1 liter of water, better filtered (of that which does not contain minerals).

How to prepare it:

Put 2 tablespoons of whole oat bran in a jug of water. Cut the lemon into slices. Pour the lemon, without squeezing it, into the water with the oat bran. Let the mixture stand for two hours.

If you can not get whole oat bran, you can use whole oat bran, but you have to wash it and throw out the first water, then add another water.

Do not use ground oats. Do not add sugar. Do not hit anything. Do not filter. You can add a leaf of mint, if you want to give it another flavor, but it is not essential.

How to use it:

Use this drink as a substitute for the water you usually drink throughout the day. You can prepare it with more water, but you must respect the proportion of each ingredient. You can take it cold or at temperature.

You will see the concrete result from the second week.

You can drink this beverage as long as you want, until you feel at the ideal weight. Remember that drinks and natural juices to lose weight are very easy to prepare and, in addition, they are fruits and vegetables that are always at home.

We must take into account the properties of each one of them and thus be able to include them in the daily diet, although it is very important to accompany them with a good exercise routine, and also, changes of habit of life.

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