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Top 7 Trends In Fruit Diet only for weight loss To Watch.

Fruit Diet only for weight, A diet consisting of vegetables and raw fruits is used to be called a Fruit only Diet or Fruitarian Diet. Generally, people with obesity follow this diet to lose weight & it is a proven method for this. If you are also want to lose weight in a week or two, then we are here to guide you with the Best Fruit Diet only for weight loss easily.

We are a team of professionals and have years of experience in creating a customized diet plan for everyone where you will not suffer from malnourishment or starving with your fruitarian diet plan.

If you follow this diet plan successfully, you will be able to lose at least 2-5 kgs within a week or more. This diet works differently from person to person & this diet not only helps with losing weight but also improves your skin as well as the digestive system.

Here are going to provide a great 7-day Fruit Diet only for weight loss that will be very effective for your health. So, let’s move further & discuss fruit & vegetable diet plan for good hygiene.

Best Fruit Diet only for weight loss

In this article, you will be guided with our dietitian expert so, follow the detailed guide properly to feel the difference in your health. This diet plan is not for any person who is taking some medical prescription from any doctor. They can visit their doctor first so that he/she can guide you properly. Here is your 7-day diet plan to start your Day.

You can start your Day with:

  • 2 Apples and a Banana or Pomegranate
  • Two oranges & 2 Apples after 1.5 hours
  • A Watermelon in lunch
  • One pomegranate and two oranges after 2 hours
  • Must drink at least ten glasses of water a day.

So, at the end of the Day, you must have consumed two pomegranates, 4 Apples, 4 Oranges, A watermelon and ten glasses of water.

Additionally, you should follow a diet-exercise plan with this to which will help you lose weight quickly. We will guide you here on what exercises you have to perform or follow for this routine.

7-Day Exercises in Fruit Diet only for weight loss

For this, you must follow a strict routine and go for a daily walk for at least 30 minutes a day. Slowly running for 30 minutes will help burn your belly fat and help you in sweating which will be beneficial for your body. 

The next Day, after coming from your walking routine, follow a diet plan which will include vegetables only. You have two options, either eat raw vegetables, or you can boil them before eating. But we must wash the vegetables properly before eating.

Follow the exercise routine on 3rd Day and eat as many fruits and vegetables as you want until you are hungry. Remember, do not include any type of oil, butter, cheese, or any dairy product. Drink at least 12-13 glasses of water a day.

Next-Day, i.e., 4th Day – Go for your daily running schedule & after that perform ten push-ups. Your eating diet plan will consist of 10 bananas, three glasses of milk, and raw fruits plus vegetables. Do not forget to consume 12+ glasses of water.

It’s your 5th Day of Fruit Diet only for weight loss People would have lost at least 3 to 4 kgs by this time. But as we have clearly mentioned, this varies from person to person. So, today after your 30 minutes walking go for a mixture of fruits and vegetables plus a bowl of brown rice. Eat salad and fruits only the whole Day and like every Day, drink water.

On your 6th-day diet plan, go for a morning walk and perform ten push-ups in 3 rounds. Your diet plan will include a bowl of brown rice, boiled vegetables, salads, and fruits.

On 7th Day, follow your daily routine of 30 minutes walking. After that, start your Day with green tea first in the morning. Then follow the Day with a vegan diet only.

Bonus Tip

Take a glass of warm water and add two tablespoons of honey and add two tablespoons of lemon juice. Drink this juice before your breakfast daily for seven days. This remedy will surely help you to lose weight.

Final Words

People follow different weight loss techniques without knowing their disadvantages. One should develop a strict diet plan prescribed by the doctor or can develop a Fruit Diet only for weight loss

These fruit-only diet results before and after taking a proper diet plan, so follow it carefully. Here we have given you a 7-day plan for losing your weight, but people also go for a 3-day fruit only diet or fruit diet weight loss 30 days.

In this article, we have mentioned all the list of fruits for weight loss so that you should not be confused and follow the diet carefully. If you do this properly, we are sure this is going to be super beneficial for your health.

For further assistance or query, feel free to ask us via comments or message us.

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