Take Away Fleas And Ticks From Home Using These Effective Home Remedies

Take Away Fleas And Ticks From Home Using These Effective Home Remedies

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It is general knowledge, the serious damage that can be caused to human health by the bite of fleas or ticks. Ticks transmit dogs, while fleas cause them allergic dermatitis and if not treated early can cause worse damage.

When you try to get rid of these pests the first thing is always to check our pets to detect the presence of these animals. When you notice that your pet is scratching a lot or is down, the safest thing is that it has fleas and ticks hurting it. Usually these animals are contracted after outdoor walks, once installed in the body of your pet its reproduction is incredible.

The best way to end the problem is to attack it before it gets worse. There are many chemicals that promise to eliminate fleas and ticks forever but the process to achieve it is usually lake, tedious and even dangerous.

Many of these products are harmful to animal and human health, for this reason today we want you to know a series of natural remedies to eliminate this plague completely. Infusion of pennyroyal : Perform an infusion of pennyroyal, let cool place it in a container with spray and put it on the entire body of your pet

Garlic and yeast: Garlic and yeast can be added to the infusion of pennyroyal to spread it in the environments of your home. The smell of this will prevent the fleas from returning. Alcohol and detergent: To 1/4 cup of alcohol you must add 6 drops of detergent.

REMEDIES for fleas and ticks

Apple cider vinegar: Moisten a cloth with apple cider vinegar and apply it to the most vulnerable areas of the animal (nape, anus, behind the ears) until the tick falls off . Citrus: Mix some citric water with it, it can be: orange, lemon, grapefruit or grapefruit. Place this mixture in a container that has atomizer and spray your pet with this.

In a disposable container, mix two parts of alcohol with one part of edible oil. After walking your pet check very well each of the areas most prone to ticks (nape, anus, behind the ears, neck) if you see a tick you should moisten a cloth with this mixture and rub the place where is the tick until it releases from the skin. Once out of your pet you must burn the tick with a match or you can also put it in a container with gasoline.

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