23 Ways In Which Apple Cider Vinegar Will Improve Your Life. The # 8 Is My Favorite

23 Ways In Which Apple Cider Vinegar Will Improve Your Life. The # 8 Is My Favorite

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If I were to choose a single slimming ingredient to use for the rest of my days, without thinking I would choose the apple cider vinegar, because in addition to its powerful fat-burning properties, it has many other benefits in beauty, home care, cooking and health. Some that you can not even imagine. And today I’m going to tell you all …

So pay close attention to these 23 reasons why you should always have apple cider vinegar in your kitchen.

1. To lighten the skin

Apple cider vinegar is a natural way to restore the pH balance of your skin, eliminating dark spots and other impurities. Do you want to show off a skin without spots? regularly massage a mixture of apple cider vinegar diluted with water.

2. To eliminate wrinkles

Yes, this ingredient is known for its ability to exfoliate and rejuvenate the skin.

To eliminate unsightly wrinkles on your face, simply dip a cotton ball in apple cider vinegar and apply directly to the affected area. Hold the cotton in place with a piece of tape or bandage and let it work overnight.

In addition, you can mix with the juice of an onion to maximize its benefits.

3. To light up your hair

If you want to have bright and beautiful hair try using apple cider vinegar. This can help eliminate impurities and increase their natural shine. For this, wash your hair with shampoo and rinse it, then apply the apple cider vinegar diluted in water before your regular conditioner.

4. To treat dandruff

This dry hair is more than embarrassing, but you do not have to suffer it anymore.

If you want to thoroughly cleanse your scalp and get rid of dandruff try the apple cider vinegar. Mix equal parts of vinegar with water and apply directly to the head, massaging gently on the scalp. Rinse well.

5. To whiten your teeth

To remove stains from your teeth and get a brighter smile, apply the apple cider vinegar directly to the teeth and rinse well with water. You can also use it as an alternative to toothpaste, brushing with a mixture of a tablespoon of vinegar and water.

6. As a natural deodorant

And no, I did not go crazy. Cleaning your armpits with diluted apple cider vinegar can be a replacement for deodorant. It is said that this is a homemade and natural alternative to commercially produced deodorants that can cause allergic reactions.

7. To improve your mood

When you feel anxious or low in mood, dilute a spoonful of apple cider vinegar in a glass of water and drink before each meal.

This mixture will help your body digest the proteins in the amino acids in your food, helping your body to create serotonin, creating a feeling of happiness and tranquility.

8. Stop increasing your metabolism and lose weight

I could not stop mentioning this incredible use.

For those beautiful looking to lose some weight, apple cider vinegar can be your best friend!

Speed ​​up your metabolism by helping you burn calories and reduce fat, and to top it off, it also controls your appetite. Just mix two tablespoons of vinegar in a glass of water and drink before each meal.

9. To relieve burns

What can be more painful than a burn? Sometimes we try everything and end up using ice, which worsens their symptoms.

Well today I want you to know that apple cider vinegar can help you.

Apply a mixture of one part of vinegar and three parts of water to your burned or irritated skin to feel a soothing relief. This treatment works best in sunburn. Remember to apply it carefully.

10. To lower blood sugar

Apple cider vinegar can help diabetics control their blood sugar levels.

Some studies have shown that consuming this after a high-carbohydrate meal can improve insulin sensitivity by up to 34% and reduce blood sugar levels significantly.

Be careful: if you are taking medication for diabetes, remember to check with your doctor before taking apple cider vinegar or any other remedy.

11. To soothe a sore throat

The solutions of apple vinegar are very affective in relieving the throat because it contains a high level of acidity that lowers the pH of the tissues and eliminate bacteria.

To treat it, dilute two tablespoons of vinegar in half a glass of water and gargle.

12. To treat joint pain

A warm bath that includes a bit of apple cider vinegar can help reduce muscle or joint pain, especially for those who suffer from arthritis, tendonitis or gout.

13. To treat acid reflux and stomach acid

To treat acid reflux and other stomach problems, drink a glass of water with a tablespoon of diluted apple cider vinegar. You’ll feel better instantly!

14. As fabric softener

Try an alternative and ecological alternative to your fabric softener, which is expensive and chemical. Apple cider vinegar can soften the tissues and is a great alternative to products loaded with toxic chemicals.

15. Stop cleaning the drains

To keep the pipes really clean, mix half a cup of baking soda and half a cup of salt. Pour that mixture into your drain followed by half a cup of apple cider vinegar.

The mixture of baking soda and apple cider vinegar creates a chemical reaction that can clean your drains. Rinse the tubes with a cup of hot water after cleaning.

16. To make a multi-purpose cleaner

Apple cider vinegar is often a natural alternative to commercial cleaning agents. This is due to its antibacterial properties.

Mix 1 cup of water with half a cup of apple cider vinegar, and you’ll get a natural all-purpose cleaner.

17. As an odor eliminator

Apple cider vinegar is known to have antibacterial properties. Because of this, it is often claimed that apple cider vinegar can eliminate bad odors.

You can try mixing apple cider vinegar with water to make a deodorizing spray.

18. Reduces constipation

Apple cider vinegar is a super remedy for indigestion and constipation. This helps maintain the pH of the stomach and promotes a better movement of the intestines thanks to the pectin.

Drink vinegar mixed with water and raw honey (without added sugar or preservatives) before each meal.

19. To prepare homemade cakes and candies

Cider vinegar is a flavor and texture enhancer popular in baking, especially when it comes to vegan recipes that may not include eggs. You can also add extra flavor to sweets and homemade candies.

20. To make healthy sauces

Apple cider vinegar can be a great ingredient for a spicy sauce for your meal. Try adding to the tomato-based sauces to give them a more complete flavor.

21. For the soup

Adding the vinegar to the soup can help you highlight the flavors. If your favorite homemade soup tastes a bit bland, try adding a little vinegar at the end. Add gradually until the soup tastes good.

22. To boil eggs better

Adding vinegar to the water you use to boil the eggs can help you produce consistently good eggs. This is because the protein in egg whites hardens more quickly when exposed to a more acidic liquid, which helps the egg maintain its shape.

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