9 Products Prohibited In Various Countries Due To Their Ingredients

9 Products Prohibited In Various Countries Due To Their Ingredients

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Did you know that there are various foods that can not be consumed in some countries for their ingredients?

Maybe I was not aware of this, but the truth is that you can be at great risk to expose yourself to the consumption of these products and we will explain why.

You may be very surprised with the food products that we will mention below, but there are reasons and arguments that support the theory of not consuming these foods for various reasons, we invite you to read to the end and prevent any accident. You want to know more? Keep Reading … Remember to share this with your friends.


Most of these ingredients have been consumed at some point in your life without being aware of the consequences this could bring, this is why we want to share a list of banned foods in some countries:

1.Egg Kinder

This delicious chocolate candy, very much preferred by the little ones in the houses, was removed from the US market because it contained inedible objects that could suffocate the children, but the creators of surprise kindergarten got the solution and re-entered the market.

2.Artificial colorants

Artificial colourants can cause various health problems among which we can mention allergies, asthma, hyperactivity and it has even been shown that excessive consumption can cause cancer, in the European market should use natural dyes to sell a product on the market.

3.Chicken with hormones

There is a brand of American chicken called “Tyson Foods” which was withdrawn from the market in Europe, Russia, Australia and Norway since this brand injected to the hens hormones, antibiotics, asteroids and a quantity more components that can affect the health of who consume it Recently the company undertook to eliminate these substances from animals.

4.Leudante to prepare the bread

Has it happened to you that you go to a bakery and all the loaves look fresh like fresh from the oven? This is due to potassium bromate, this component works by keeping the dough fresh and making the bread look good, but the reality of this is that it can attract many conditions such as headaches, rashes and stomach problems, this is forbidden in Canada, China and the Eurpoea Union.

5.Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO)

Many fruits, vegetables and even animal species are genetically modified, which is why in most European countries this was banned because it can cause allergies and does not have nutritional values.

6.Hatchery salmon

Farmed salmon has a strict diet that can include antibiotics, hormones and more, which is why it is banned in New Zealand and Australia.

7.Products with fat substitutes

There is a synthetic substitute for fat called olestra that many products use to make low-fat foods and label them as “healthy.” An example of this is low-fat potatoes, this can attract many health conditions and is therefore prohibited in Canada. and Europe.

8.Sports drinks

Surely at some point you have consumed energy or sports drinks, although these drinks do not cause harm in themselves since they contain many other healthy components such as vitamins, minerals and others, in some cases they use brominated vegetable oil (BVO) to give them their attractive color This can cause different types of blood, it is forbidden in Japan and Europe.


Many times cows are given hormones to produce more milk, when consumed can cause cancer, cardiovascular disease and an increase in thyroid hormones and is prohibited in a variety of countries in Europe, Oceania and Asia.

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