These Are The Great Benefits Provided By Taking Olive Oil Every Morning Fasting

These Are The Great Benefits Provided By Taking Olive Oil Every Morning Fasting

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Throughout our lives we have heard many people talk about myths and truths about olive oil, and one of these is to eat it every morning on an empty stomach, but what is it for? If you continue reading this article later, we will give you 7 reasons why you should take olive oil on an empty stomach.

Olive oil, what is it for?

In the so-called Mediterranean diet, olive oil is the main source of lipids. Extra virgin olive oil is the best for this class of uses, since it is purer.

This oil brings great benefits to our body, so you should always include it in your diet.

7 reasons why everyone should take olive oil on an empty stomach

1. Effective Absorption

Since, in the digestive system there is no other process, the nutrients contained in the oil are easier to absorb and efficiently.

2. Keep your Digestive System clean

In addition to keeping the entire digestive system clean, it favors its correct and optimal functioning, since this type of fat serves as a laxative, preventing and treating constipation.

3. Slimming

Since it contains a high amount of fatty acids, it can be replaced by ordinary butters or other oils, which will make it, as this is a healthy type of fat, to act as a substitute, will decrease those extra pounds.

In addition to having a satiety effect at brain level calming the appetite.

4. Clean the Liver

Since this is one of the most important organs of the body, responsible for cleaning all our internal systems and blood, it is important to detoxify it, which you can do by means of olive oil.

5. Better appearance

In addition to the external use commonly given to people, ingested serves to prevent acne, improve the appearance of the skin and make it softer, make hair grow and give better vitality and shine, as well as keep nails and bones strong.

6. Improves the Immune System

The fatty acid that is contained in olive oil has a really important role in the performance of immune functions and mechanisms.

The ingestion of olive oil can make many improvements in those patients with treatment for autoimmune diseases, as well as generate support in the regulation of the system.

7. Metabolic and Cognitive Functions

Olive oil improves the metabolic functions of the organism in great levels and promotes brain development, thus favoring the formation of brain tissue and the cell membranes that compose it.

It is proven that people who consume a lower amount of saturated fats are able to present an excellent memory, as well as improvements in cognition with the taking of o.oil, a type of monounsaturated fats.

How should I take olive oil on an empty stomach?

The best way to take olive oil is to dilute it in a glass of water, with half a lemon juice and a large spoonful o.oil, the drink should be at room temperature and be swallowed 30 minutes before breakfast.

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