Learn How To Prepare Chia Water In The Right Way To Lose Weight Quickly. Here We Show You How To Do It

Learn How To Prepare Chia Water In The Right Way To Lose Weight Quickly. Here We Show You How To Do It

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If you are looking to lose weight naturally and without spending a lot of money the chia seeds are idelaes, read this article which will be of great help to achieve this goal.

Look how you should consume Chia water, because if you do not know how to prepare it properly it could cause you considerable problems.

Chia to lose weight

When these Chia seeds are consumed on an empty stomach, they are distributed in equal amounts and taken half an hour before each meal, offering more benefits

To lose weight, reduce cholesterol and triglycerides, control blood pressure or lower glucose, you should consume between 2 and 4 tablespoons a day of Chia seeds, for a couple of weeks and then continue with a maintenance dose of one daily spoonful.

You should take 4 tablespoons a day of the chia seeds, one spoon before breakfast, another before noon, the third with the snack and the last before dinner, half an hour before each meal.

When Chia seeds are taken for the first time it is advisable to start with a teaspoon, the second or third day to double the amount and so progressively until you reach the necessary amounts.

How to prepare Chia seeds?

You put the Chia seeds in filtered water for 15 minutes, the water covers the seeds completely and they are ready to be consumed, a gelatinous substance is formed, which must be taken together with the seeds.

Some people prefer to grind Chia seeds before ingesting them, in which case they are dried (not soaked) in a blender.

Chia and lemon to burn the accumulated fat

The combination of these two ingredients is really very powerful since each of them is incredibly beneficial for health. The best thing is that you can prepare this recipe saving a lot of money and with ingredients that are within reach of everyone.


-1 tablespoon of chia seeds

– Juice of a lemon

-1 glass and ½ water

-1 tablespoon of honey


1. First, put the chia seeds to soak in water for at least one hour. The seeds will hydrate and obtain a gel aspect due to the soluble fiber they contain.

2. Once the soaking time has passed, mix the chia seeds and water with the juice squeezed out of
a lemon.

3. You can use the blender to achieve a juice consistency.

How to use it

Drink this remedy every day in the morning fasting. This will allow you to accelerate metabolism and lose weight daily effectively.

Benefits of chia seed

-They are an excellent source of fibers which help eliminate toxins naturally.
-They are a natural antioxidant.
-They have a high level of calcium, proteins and omega 3 fatty acids.
-They give us a feeling of satiety instantly which prevents us from the dangerous pecking.
-They delay blood sugar.
-They are easy to use in all kinds of recipes.

Benefits of lemon

-It is a powerful toxin scavenger.
-It acts as a bactericide.
-It has a large amount of vitamins (B, C and P) and minerals (potassium, magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, sodium, fluorine and iron).
-It has very few calories (29 calories per 100 grams).
-Its high fiber content helps eliminate toxins naturally.
-It is composed of a large amount of water that prevents dehydration that can result in the elimination of toxins by fibers.
-It helps to treat colds and flu.
-It is a natural anti-viral.
-Its alkalizing effect helps to balance the pH.
-It has anti-cancer components.
-It is rich in hesperetin which helps lower blood sugar levels.

Keep in mind that although this remedy is very powerful to lose weight, it is best to accompany it with regular physical exercises and a healthy diet to enhance its effects.

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