How To Make Homemade Insulin For Diabetes by Yourself at Home and Not Have To Buy It

How To Make Homemade Insulin For Diabetes by Yourself at Home and Not Have To Buy It

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At present, science has advanced a lot in different fields. Thanks to this, today we can count on remedies for many diseases that were once deadly. Hence, the mortality rate of these diseases has been reduced.

However, efforts must still be made Homemade Insulin to seek a cure for other diseases. Some such as cancer, diabetes and many others still do not have an effective vaccine. Those who suffer from it, the only thing they can do is receive a treatment that improves it.

However, we do not lose hope that one day you will find a cure for these diseases. On the other hand, many claim to have already found it, but still do not make it public. According to speculation, the pharmaceutical industries do not allow it, because their business would fall apart.

How can people be so ambitious? If the cure for some of these diseases already exists, why not make it known? Unfortunately, that is the society in which we live. Interest and ambition is what controls the world. But the least favored are those who suffer the most for this cause.

Drugs and diseases

When we are sick, we have no choice but to resort to existing drugs. Only with them can we improve our health condition. However, most of them are very expensive for our economy. Also, they make us dependent on them, we must consume them for a long time.

On the other hand, some of these drugs bring with them side effects. This means that even if we improve our bad health, we suffer from other evils. In addition, we can not leave without mentioning that, often, the medications are not as effective as we would like. So many of the current medications have a great disadvantage.

But does that mean that we must resign ourselves to remaining hopeless? Of course not. Keep in mind that drugs are not the only solution to our diseases. Remember that the drugs were invented not so long ago. But before they existed, people got sick and found a cure.

Do you already know what we mean? That’s right, we are referring to natural remedies. In nature we can find everything we need to be healthy. Natural medicine has always existed and has not disappointed us.

Today we want to tell you about a very good plant to fight diabetes, clean your kidneys and arteries, and eliminate uric acid.

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Medlar leaves

The medlar is a fruit appreciated by many of us. If you have had the opportunity to eat it, you will know that it is delicious. But we can not only take advantage of the fruit, we can also make use of its leaves. The medlar leaves have many medicinal properties.

Next, we will leave you a list of the benefits of consuming it.

-Increases the production of insulin. In this way, it helps the body to better process excess sugar and prevents the development of diabetes.

-Purifies the liver and eliminates toxins from the blood and from the entire body.

-Comes inflammation, hives and discomfort in the skin.

– Being rich in antioxidants, it strengthens the immune system and prevents the appearance of several diseases.

-Helps the functioning of the kidneys and eliminates uric acid.

-It lowers blood pressure.

-Improves the functioning of the pancreas, even in diabetics.

These are just some of the benefits we can obtain by consuming both the fruit and the medlar leaf. We can consume the fruit in the way that we like the most. However, how can we consume the leaves? A practical way to do it is through infusions.

What we will need:

-Left of crushed medlar (1 tablespoon).


Preparation and use:

The first step is to crush the medlar leaves until you get the amount of 1 tablespoon. While the crituras, you can put the water to boil. Once you reach the boiling point, you will put the medlar leaves in the water. You will let the substance rest for a while until the leaves release their properties.

You should drink 1 cup of this substance before each main meal of the day. In total you will consume 3 cups a day. You can not add any sweetener or anything else. In doing so, you would take away its medicinal properties. In a few weeks, you will notice how your health improves and your diseases disappear.

Do not wait any longer and take advantage as soon as possible of all the benefits of the medlar leaves. It does not matter if you are diabetic or have another disease, this natural remedy will help you.

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