Plant Milks: Many Benefits, Great Taste And Without Unwanted Effects

Plant Milks: Many Benefits, Great Taste And Without Unwanted Effects

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The market for organic products offers a wide variety of vegetable milks, from soy to kamut, to spelled, quinoa, birdseed, sesame or rice.

There are many people who abandon cow’s milk moved for reasons of health or ethical convictions. But, despite the growing demand for vegetable alternatives, until recently, those offered by the food industry in our country were scarce. The most common option was soy milk, although in some cases it could also cause problems of intolerance or allergy.

Currently, the organic market offers a large number of vegetable milks of surprising flavors, such as kamut milk, quinoa milk, canary seed milk or sesame milk, among many others, which can bring many benefits to our health and enrich our diet without any unwanted side effects.

The myth of calcium and plant milks

The main reason why some consumers remain true to cow’s milk and do not finish deciding on the vegetable milk is the belief that they will find one of the best sources of calcium there. However, the truth is that the bioavailability of this type of calcium for adults is relative.

And this idea is supported by new studies that suggest that our body absorbs better calcium from soy derivatives or some algae than dairy products. Therefore, certain biological brands have already been concerned about adding seaweed calcium to their vegetable milks, to equal or even overcome this possible lack.

Cereal milk

If we suffer allergy problems and do not want to risk, the safest option is, without doubt, rice milk. In addition, for its lightness is highly recommended for the little ones. This particular milk is very useful when you suffer from digestive problems, diarrhea or vomiting. It is even perfect for the most extreme cases in which the body does not tolerate food, but it is necessary to replenish nutrients and fluids, such as when suffering from gastroenteritis.

Do not confuse this milk with the cooking water of the rice, which, being rich in the starch that has been released, is highly astringent. In this case, in the fermentation process that transforms into milk to rice, this starch is broken and thus becomes a beverage that helps regulate intestinal transit.

On the other hand, we have the wonderful milk of oatmeal, which shares similar nutritional properties with rice milk but, in addition, by its slow sugars it favors the activity of the thyroid gland and has a component, the avenine, which confers sedative properties.

Liquid dried fruit in plant milks

Among the most unknown vegetable milks of the group, there may be milk from dried fruits that, in addition to being very nutritious, have an exquisite and delicate flavor. In the market we find many options. Among the most used, we must certainly mention the almond milk and hazelnut milk, which can be purchased both in powder and in tetrabrick.

These milks are very rich in unsaturated fatty acids and linoleic acid. Its minerals include potassium, phosphorus, magnesium or highly antioxidant trace elements, such as selenium and zinc. We can not forget either its enormous content of B vitamins, fundamental for the proper functioning of our nervous system.

As less known alternatives and more recent introduction, we find varieties for all tastes, in terms of flavor and texture, such as milk teff, spelled, kamut, quinoa, oats or spelled.

On the other hand, we have the popular tiger nut drinks, but with these you have to be careful, since they are almost always marketed very sugary, so it is better to make them ourselves, sweetening them with a little grain malt.

10 reasons to choose organic vegetable plant milks

• They do not contain cholesterol
• They are low in sodium
• They do not contain lactose
• They do not contain casein
• They are not added sugar
• They have essential fatty acids
• They are easier to digest than animal milks
• Cold, they are more refreshing than other milks
• They are 100 % natural

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