Sweet Potato Is The Key To Combat Gastritis, Reflux, Stomach Burning, And Even Ulcers

Sweet Potato Is The Key To Combat Gastritis, Reflux, Stomach Burning, And Even Ulcers

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Would you like to know the recipe so that you eliminate once and for all stomach problems? Whether it is a product of diet or because of stress, this condition must be cured.

Fortunately, there is a food that can be of great help to eradicate once and for all; the digestive problems that usually occur after feeding. Sweet potato is the best thing to end your stomach problems

In all safety, you have met people who suffer from stomach problems; as ulcers or gastritis. But, there is a food that manages to eliminate these ailments: the sweet potato!

How to treat stomach problems through the sweet potato:

1. Remove the shell of the potato and then proceed to place it together with a little water in a bowl, in that way; the potato will not tend to turn a dark color while preparing.

2. Next place the peeled potato and six hundred milliliters of water, in a blender and let beat for about fifteen minutes. Subsequently, proceed to strain the preparation.

3. From the elaborated preparation you will have two products: the liquid that will present a dark aspect and the solid part in the form of powder. This is what we are going to need.

4. Once the preparation has dried, dissolve a spoonful of the powder of potato in two hundred milliliters of water and mix everything very well. This is the infusion you should eat.

5. You should try to drink a glass of sweet potato infusion as soon as you wake up before breakfast, another glass before lunch and the last before dinner.

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