The Feet Fungus Of Disappear With This Home Remedy

The Feet Fungus Of Disappear With This Home Remedy

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Natural and traditional medicine is becoming more popular and is that, if we can cure or alleviate health problems using natural ingredients that respect our body at the same time they do with the environment, why not do it?

Never worry about this problem of toenail fungus again. This simple remedy of only 3 ingredients will make it disappear forever.

Feet fungus infections that affect the nails of the feet and hands can cause discoloration, peeling and weakening of them.

This home remedy is completely natural, and you can do it from your home with the following procedure.

-Etholic alcohol at 90 degrees.
-Hydrogen Peroxide (H202), also known as Hydrogen Peroxide.
-White vinegar.

The first thing you should do is mix in a container, preferably glass or glass, 90 ° ethyl alcohol and hydrogen peroxide in equal amounts, then add a little white vinegar.

-Use a cotton to apply the preparation on the surface of the affected nails, at least twice a day.

-Use this treatment daily, until the fungus disappears. You must be constant and patient, the results will surprise you.


Ethanol – Absolute Alcohol
Fragrant characteristic odor – Odor threshold: 100 to 180 ppm. Soluble in all proportions in Water at 20ºC. Soluble in ketones, esters, eters, glycols and other alcohols.

The antibacterial properties of hydrogen peroxide
hydrogen peroxide: make it a very useful ingredient to have in the first aid kit. But the truth is that hydrogen peroxide has many other uses. The formula of hydrogen peroxide is H2O2, it has one more oxygen atom than normal water.

White vinegar is commonly used in meals, mainly as a dressing of salads.

However, there are many other uses of this liquid, thanks to the large number of properties of white vinegar for health, beauty and home care that can be really useful.

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