Many Healing Properties Of The Great Garlic

Many Healing Properties Of The Great Garlic

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Garlic is a common ingredient in many of our meals. However, many ignore that, in addition to giving an unmistakable touch to our food, garlic can also significantly improve our health.

For a long time, the healing properties of garlic have been used in the preparation of natural medicines – for example, due to its diuretic effects, caused by the action of its essential oils and its low molecular weight sugars -; and recently, different scientific studies have emerged that validate its use as an effective remedy for many other conditions. But what makes garlic such a good food for our well-being?

Garlic to prevent

Garlic is a very effective element in the prevention of all types of cardiovascular diseases and diseases . So, for example, helps reduce blood pressure in people, because it stimulates the production of hydrogen sulfide, which relaxes blood vessels and improves blood flow in the body. In addition, it also helps prevent and reduce the hardening of the arteries that hinders circulation.

On the other hand, garlic is also excellent for digestion. Although in some people it can generate gases, and it is not recommended for those suffering from acidity or strong gastric ailments, the consumption provides great benefits for the digestive system, since it helps to better process our food.

Thus, it helps in the elimination of waste from the body , helps to prevent stomach and intestinal inflammation, and can even eliminate harmful bacteria in the intestines, without affecting those that help in the process of digestion.

As mentioned at the beginning, the garlic is also an excellent diuretic, facilitating the elimination of liquids and toxins. To achieve this effect in our body, simply make the following formula, very simple: Mix a few cloves of garlic ground in a liter of water and consume two glasses of this preparation daily, for two weeks. You must wait at least a week to re-consume it.

Finally, many studies suggest that there is a relationship between the regular consumption of garlic and the reduction in the risk of acquiring different types of cancer, due to its antibacterial properties and the blocking of the formation of carcinogenic substances. Garlic seems to have especially good results in the prevention of different types of cancer that affect the gastrointestinal tract; This could be due to its sulfur content, which would have positive effects in the fight against this disease.

Garlic to cure

While there is nothing better than prevention to be healthy, it is inevitable that, eventually, we will contract some type of disease. Here, garlic can also be a very important ally for us. For example, allicin, a component of this plant, is a potent antibiotic, very effective in eliminating microbes and bacteria that cause respiratory and digestive diseases. In addition, it is a selective antibiotic: because it is natural, it eliminates harmful bacteria without harming those that are good for our body.

It is also a powerful fungicide and a powerful antiviral. The latter has been shown in patients with HIV, who after consuming about 5 cloves of garlic daily, show a normal immune activity. This is just a sample of the powerful healing effects.

The healing properties of garlic: health within our reach

Whether alone, in preparations, or with your meals, the consumption of garlic is an excellent way to keep diseases away and cure many conditions to which we are exposed daily.

It is important to consider that, in order to take full advantage of all the nutrients and properties, it is best to consume it raw. However, there are other presentations such as powder, dehydrated or oil. It is even possible to buy processed capsules, which allow to take advantage of the components of this great food and provide an ideal solution for those people who can not tolerate their aroma or flavor, so you know … you have no excuse not to consume garlic!

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