Powerful Natural Dye Without Chemicals To Cover The Gray Hair!

Powerful Natural Dye Without Chemicals To Cover The Gray Hair!

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Hair care is very important especially for women. They are constantly using chemical products that seek to revitalize the hair and prevent them from looking careless, dry and even fight the main worthy of old age, gray hair.

To combat gray hair, commonly used products and dyes to change the color of hair, thus managed to “hide” but is not effective to eradicate this completely.

The problem of retouching with dye regularly is that the chemicals with which it is normally compounded damage the health of both the hair and the body in general.

For this reason, natural products are recommended, including those that you can make at home without spending a lot of money. This time we will explain how to make this potato-based to cover your gray hair efficiently, without side effects.

Make a natural dye at home and save unnecessary problems. This is not going to disappoint you

It happens that the gray hair for many is the reflection of the experience, and it is completely normal that in men and women appear once reached a certain age, the beginning of old age.

However, many women avoid this and fight for the best methods to fight against them, old age for them is not usually a nice sign.

This remedy is ideal for all those women nowadays, they do not require more than some potatoes and water to make it. Quite economical, effective and easy to perform.

In addition to covering gray hair will nourish and strengthen your hair, recovering the nutrients that give life.

The ingredients you need are:

-6 medium potatoes (the shell).
-Half a liter of water.
-Essence of lavender or rosemary for its aroma.

Start by heating the water to a boil, then boil the skins over low heat for more than 10 minutes. Remove from heat and let rest another few minutes until the water is completely cool. At this point you can strain it and keep the water in an airtight container until its application.

To apply it you first need to wash the hair. Then, while still wet, apply the dye with gentle movements.

Make sure you cover your scalp properly and let it act for half an hour before removing it with plenty of water. Applying 3 times per week, you will get results in a short time.

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