This is the reason why my hair is grown every day and grows 1 inch at night without stopping. The secret is in front of you, save it and prepare it for your hair

This is the reason why my hair is grown every day and grows 1 inch at night without stopping. The secret is in front of you, save it and prepare it for your hair

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Surely you do not know that from the ancestral seeds of the plant called Ricinus Communis, a wonderful natural medicine is extracted that will help your body to be healthier, without the need to resort to dangerous and expensive chemicals. That oil is Castor oil, which is a pale yellow color.

Castor oil is rich in antioxidants, and has different anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, and has been used as a natural remedy for hair for decades. All this thanks to its therapeutic and medicinal properties.

A lot of all these wonderful properties that the Castor oil contains is because it is high in unsaturated fatty acids, which is excellent. By consuming the Castor oil, you will be providing your body and organism with a good load of vitamin E, countless minerals and vitamins, all that while other benefits are implemented in your body.
Castor oil has a taste that can be somewhat unpleasant for some, however, this is not a limitation at all that many things are composed with it.

Some of the things that we know and are made from Castor oil, or has Castor oil in its components are: soaps, special oils for massages, medicines, cosmetics and a variety of other products that are common in our day a day. If you want the effects at maximum capacity, you should buy pure castor oil and preserved in cold.

Apply castor oil to your hair and it will grow as loc or

Castor oil helps hair growth when used constantly and is known to help level the PH of hair, keeping it balanced. To use it you simply have to pour some castor oil on the roots of your hair and massage for 5 minutes, then wait for it to dry completely and go to sleep, you will have to repeat the process twice a week, and you will see as your hair starts to grow much faster than before. In any case you can do it during the day for 4 hours and then remove it before going to sleep.

Benefits for the body, health and beauty of castor oil

Castor oil is not only good for your hair, but you can use it in different ways, so we will teach you all so that you can buy enough castor oil and use it for your hair and at the same time for something more than nesecites . So what are you waiting for? Go to the nearest store and buy the oil that will be the answer to many of the problems you have daily with your general health. It will not disappoint you, we assure you.

Castor oil Reduces wrinkles:

All thanks to this oil is rich in collagen and elastin. To use it you have to apply a few drops of oil on the wrinkles and massage gently every night before going to sleep. And from 4 to 6 months you will see results that will impress you.

Castor oil helps you hydrate your skin:

This oil, like all the others, is viscous, so it will enter your body and nourish it in an incredible way. Since it is rich in fatty acids. In addition, it is good for drying the skin and will always keep it shiny and smooth. The wonderful Castor oil is ideal for dermatitis. You just have to rub the oil in the affected areas and that’s it.

Castor oil is an incredible laxative:

Neither you nor your children will have problems when consuming Castor oil to help them go to the bathroom, since this oil is completely healthy for both adults and children . Just add 1 or 2 tablespoons of oil to some juice, to appease the flavor and it’s over. It will clean your intestines in a healthy and safe way.

Castor oil reduces the risk of stretch marks

This is because the fatty acids that compose it will help the elasticity of your skin. To avoid the appearance of stretch marks on your body with Castor oil, mix one tablespoon of Castor oil and two of Almond oil. Then with the mixture you massage the area and that will prevent future stretch marks.

It helps the growth of the eyelashes and eyebrows:

All thanks to the nutrients that castor oil provides our body. To achieve this you must apply over the eyelashes or eyebrows and over time you will be more populated.

Castor oil reduces muscle pain:

Since it helps the circulation of fluids through our body . To relieve pain with Castor oil, apply a massage with the oil in areas where there is pain and rest. Problem solved.

Castor oil eliminates calluses

As we said earlier, Castor oil has anti-inflammatory benefits, therefore, this will help the calluses disappear. Just soak the feet in warm water for 10 minutes, dry them and rub with a cotton ball with Castor oil and leave it in the area.

Castor oil repairs cracked nails:

Thanks to its large amount of vitamins, Castor oil will be able to make your nails beautiful again. And it will prevent fungi. You should only every night before going to sleep, rub the nails with the Castor oil and olive oil.

Say goodbye to the horquetillas:

Castor oil for its natural components will help to repair split ends and open your hair. You have to heat the oil and rub the affected hair for 30 minutes, let it act and over time that will help you

Castor oil is good for sunburns:

Due to its anti-inflammatory benefits, Castor oil is perfect for treating painful burns from sun exposure. F rotates the affected skin with Castor oil and coconut oil in equal amounts and that will relieve you. Since it is rich in Omega 3.

Castor oil regenerates chapped lips:

Since the oil of Castor is ideal to hydrate any type of skin in the body. You will no longer have to endure the unpleasant sensation of broken lips. Mix a tablespoon of Castor oil, glycerin and a few drops of lemon extract. Smear the mixture on the lips and sleep . In the morning you will only have to wash them well and solve the problem.

For all this we recommend you buy a lot of castor oil, so that you can use it on your hair and also for the health of your body.

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