A Single Drop Whitens Teeth And Eliminates Fungus, Bad Breath, Pimples, Sore Throat And More!

A Single Drop Whitens Teeth And Eliminates Fungus, Bad Breath, Pimples, Sore Throat And More!

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Hydrogen peroxide is also famous under the name of hydrogen peroxide, it is a transparent, colorless liquid with a strong odor and characteristically unpleasant, with particularities of a highly hyperbore content and strongly linked with hydrogen as well as in water.
It is considered a natural, effective and very safe disinfectant. It can kill microorganisms by oxidation of them, which can be described as a controlled burning process.

When the peroxide reacts with organic material that decomposes oxygen and water in the materials. It is a common component of the house that can be used to disinfect cuts and is a bleach for delicate items.

Hydrogen peroxide is a colorless liquid that is only a little more viscous than water. Actually, he seems to like water, but it’s definitely not water. The powerful oxidizing properties allow the peroxide to be a great bleaching agent. The oxidizing properties allow it to react to bacteria, viruses, spores and yeasts. There are many other things in which peroxide can be used in the home.


To whiten the teeth: you must use oxygenated water of 10 volumes maximum; wash your teeth as usual and rinse your mouth with hydrogen peroxide for about ten seconds, and rinse your mouth. Perform once a week before going to bed.

You can submerge a swab in hydrogen peroxide and rub on the surface of the teeth; It can not enter the interdental spaces, but it can increase the whitening of the visible surfaces of the teeth. Use once a week, so as not to damage the tooth enamel.

To eliminate pimples: we must apply it with the help of a cotton wool on the affected area and the face should be previously clean and dry.

Remove the fungus from the nails: apply on your nails with a little water in equal parts, try not to use it on any wound.

Eliminates sore throats: in a half cup of warm water add a quarter cup of hydrogen peroxide, use it as gargles, which will allow you to kill bacteria lodged in your throat.

Heal wounds: manipulate with the help of a cotton on the wound this will give you a quick healing and avoid the infection of it.

You eliminate the bacteria from your mouth: it is excellent as a mouthwash and excellent teeth whitening, use it every two weeks because it is very strong.

Natural hair rinse: in cold water previously boiled and in equal parts, (understand half a cup of water and half a cup of hydrogen peroxide) use as last water in washing the hair, It is not recommended for dark brown or black hair.

As noted oxygenated water has more uses than we commonly give, so from now on should not be missing from your bathroom shelf.

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